Festive take away/Delivery December 18th & 19th

Ken has come up with a delicious and varied selection of dishes sure to bring some Christmas cheer, including his fabulous duck pastrami which is to be thinly sliced and served as charcuterie – on a canape with wholegrain mustard and cornichons or on a salad etc.

Many items are freezable (marked with an *) so why not order some extra for the freezer?

Take Away available on Friday December 18th at 5 rue Louis Barthou, Pouzolles (34480) from 4:30pm to 8:30pm. Delivery possible on Saturday morning – see details below on order form.

Please place your order before 10pm on Wednesday, December 16th in order to better serve you.

**The duck pastrami takes 2 weeks to prepare so think to order early!

Please think to bring a bag or box with which to collect your order.

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