Gourmet Burgers and Cocktails at Domaine la Sarabande July 23rd

Join us in Laurens at Domaine la Sarabande for Ken’s delicious gourmet burgers and sides plus Alison’s yummy desserts! Quench your thirst with Sarabande Gin, beer, or wine! www.facebook.com/Sarabande-GIN

6pm to 10pm

**It is not necessary to preorder what type of burger (Beef, etc) you’d like, but we recommend you do so in order to ensure you get the burger you want.  You can choose your toppings etc on the night xx

Ken’s Gourmet Burgers
Lamb (125g)                            11.50    €
Beef (150g)                              10.50    €
Thai Chicken (125g)                10.50    €
Veggie                                      9.50    €
“Includes choice of topping, cheese, sauce, and side dish”

Gourmet Toppings                                    Cheese                           Sauces  
Asian Shiitake Mushrooms                          Aged Cheddar                  Basil Aioli
Red Wine Onions                                        Emmenthal                      Barbecue
Roasted Padron and Green Chili Relish                                               Spicy Peanut Sauce
Bacon                                                                                               House Sauce

Side Dishes                                               Beef Burger only               9.50 €
Fries                                                          Kid’s Burger w/fries           5.00 €
Potato Salad
Lentil Salad with Tomatoes and Dill

A delicious selection of desserts will be available including Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter Bars!            

Please book with Domaine la Sarabande                     09 63 68 22 68  or  06 74 30 43 28         or pauldouglasgordon@gmail.com 
or book with Ken and Alison’s Catering                         04 67 24 86 90  or  06 23 39 72 90         or info@kenandalisonscatering.com