Soirée with Lou Belvestit Thursday July 19th

Join us for an evening with Emilie Alouze at her winery Lou Belvestit on Thursday July 19th at 7pm.

We were last with Emilie in 2014 at her grandparents former home and winery in the center of Magalas.

Now she has a beautiful new cave on the Route de Fouzilhon. Come and see how this young fourth-generation winemaker is getting on.

amuses bouches
Lou Belvestit Rosé 2017

Prawns on the Plancha with Creamed Corn, Jambon Sec, and Tomato Marmalade
Lou Belvestit Aramon 2017

Free-Range Pork with a Pecan and Rocket Pesto
Lou Belvestit Maem 2016

Duck Breast topped with a Piquillo Peach Sauce
Lou Belvestit Embe 2015


32€ per person

Payment at the time of booking please.

Cash, bank transfer, or cheque payable to:

Ken Miller

5 rue Louis Barthou, 34480 Pouzolles

Réservations or 04 67 24 86 90
*cancellations le day before 50% please, *cancellations the day of 100% please

Lou Belvestit
Route de Fouzilhon
34480 Magalas
04 67 36 21 59