Lunch with Domaine Ollier Taillefer September 20th

We’ll be back in Fos at Domaine Ollier Taillefer for a 4-course lunch on Friday, September 20th. You’ll start with a visit of the vinification cave which will be a flurry of harvest actvity!

At 11:30am you will meet at the caveau and take the brief stroll to the vinification cave for a brief explanation of the harvest and at 12pm some grapes will arrive! Meal will begin at 12:30pm for those not wishing to visit the vinification cave.


Tomato Toast with Aged Goat’s Cheese

AOC Faugères Rosé 2018


Duo from the Sea:

Mini Ahi Tuna Burger with Asian Slaw & Crab Cake with Tomatillo Sauce

AOC Faugères Blanc 2018 Allégro


Duck Breast served on a bed of Duck Confit Fried Rice

AOC Faugères 2016 Grande Réserve


Grilled Entrecote with Porcini Butter

AOC Faugères 2015 Castel Fossibus



Vin de France 2017 Grenache Doux



33€ per personne, payment due upon booking please

Reservations or 04 67 24 86 90 or 06 23 39 72 90

cash, bank transfers, and cheques happily accepted

Please make cheques payable to Ken Miller and address to 5 rue Louis Barthou, 34480 Pouzolles

Domaine Ollier Taillefer

Route de Gabian
34320 FOS 04 67 90 24 59