Lunch with Chateau de Saint Preignan, Sept 8th

**The domain does not accept credit cards, so please think to bring along cheques or cash if you plan to purchase wine**


Join us on Friday September 8th at noon for lunch in the garden at Chateau de Saint Preignan.

Jean-Claude Pastor has selected a generous array of wines to pour for you!

There is a fantastic video on their website

Amuses Bouches

Manchego Crackers & Skewer of Pickled Prawn, Quail Egg, and Piquillo Pepper


Fish Marinated in Mild Mexican Chilies and Achiote Paste and cooked on Banana Leaves

(Yucatan Recipe)


Duck Thighs Slowly Braised with Porcini Mushrooms, Wine, and Tomatoes, served over a bed of Ricotta Gnocchi


Toasted Fennel Seed-Crusted Pork Tenderloin, smoked, and served with a Roasted Plum and Red Wine Sauce



€29 per personne, café et vin inclus

Réservations 04 67 24 86 90 ou 06 23 39 72 90

*annulations le jour avant 50% **annulations le jour même 100%


Domaine Saint-Preignan, famille Pastor

Campagne St Preignan, 34480 Pouzolles

04 67 24 15 90