Burgers and Beer at Domaine la Sarabande July 7th

What could be better than an evening with Ken’s burgers and Paul’s beer? Choose from beef, lamb, or a house-made veggie burger. Starts at 6pm. Sarabande wines also available, of course!

Reservations required – places are limited. Booking info below

**If you’d like the LAMB or the VEGGIE burger, we encourage you to preorder as quantities will be limited**

Vigneron – beef burger, red wine onions, Comte, basil aioli

Barbecue – beef burger, aged Cheddar, bacon, and house-made barbecue sauce

Spanish – beef burger, Manchego, Padron pepper relish, chorizo mayo

Simple – beef burger, house sauce, Cheddar

Lamb  – freshly ground lamb, Feta cheese, basil aioli

Veggie – house-made veggie patty, basil aioli

**All burgers include lettuce and tomato and choice of chips, three mustard potato salad, or lentil salad with tomatoes and dill, and dessert


Kid’s Burger – served with chips or salad, and dessert        7€50

Extra side salad                   1€50

Extra garnish                       1€00

Extra desserts                      1€50

Please book with Domaine la Sarabande – pauldouglasgordon@gmail.com or us ken.miller@wanadoo.fr

Domaine la Sarabande

14 Ancienne Route Nationale

34480 Laurens

09 63 68 22 68